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Voorwaarden - vertaling volgt

By using our website and placing orders, you are legally bound by the Terms and Conditions as they are set out below. These T&C is the agreement between Yummy Dutch and you, where 'Yummy Dutch' or 'us' refer to the owners of this website and 'you' refer to you as a customer and surfer, using our Website. It is important that you read these T&C before you place an order.

Article 1: Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

  1. These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all interaction between Yummy Dutch and you, as the customer.
  2. Changes to these Terms and Conditions are only valid when agreed upon, in writing, by both Yummy Dutch and the customer
  3. The customer is to be seen as the importer of the products. Therefore the customer is liable for any and all possible import costs, fees and responsibilities in his/her country of delivery. It is your own responsibility to find out whether the ordered products are legal to import. In case of a confiscation at the border, Yummy Dutch cannot be held responsible for your loss.

Article 2: Orders

  1. Yummy Dutch holds the right to decline a payment after it has been approved, for any reason. In this case your money will be returned and your order will be cancelled. You will receive notification by email.
  2. On all orders within the EU, Yummy Dutch charges VAT. The VAT percentages are 9% on food products and 21% on non-food products. Furthermore, if VAT is charged, then this will also need to be charged on the delivery costs. On orders outside of the EU, Yummy Dutch does not charge VAT. Orders from companies, within the EU who have a valid VAT-ID are able to fill out their VAT-ID, which will be checked on validity. If the validity check returns succesfull, Yummy Dutch will not charge VAT and you are obliged to pay any VAT charges in your own country of delivery.
  3. When a payment is accepted and there is no reason to decline it, the order will be processed.
  4. Yummy Dutch cannot be kept to a discount on a product if it is obvious in terms of reasonability that the discount is a mistake or typo on the Website.

Article 3: Prices

  1. All pricing on the website is excluding VAT. VAT amount, as well as the total costs of your optional order, is visible at the Cart Overview section.
  2. The Total Price amount at the Cart Overview section is the price that you will be billed. This price includes the products, delivery costs and optional VAT charges. You are liable for any and all costs that you may get when importing products into your country.
  3. All prices on our website are in EURO €. Deliveries within the EU are free of import fees.

Article 4: Delivery

  1. When an order is placed and accepted, Yummy Dutch will try her upmost best to get the package delivered at the given destination. Yummy Dutch uses TNT and UPS to send the packages.
  2. The delivery costs we charge you, are the fees that TNT and UPS charge for delivery. These are not the VAT charges and or import fees. You are responsible for any and all import charges your country may confront you with.
  3. Yummy Dutch will not credit your payment, in the situation where you don't pay for import fees and optional VAT charges of your own country. By article 1.3 you are obliged to find out beforehand whether your country charges import fees etc and is therefore your own responsibility.
  4. Yummy Dutch cannot be held responsible for products being over the due date, due to the fact that you were not able to pick up the package in time. When products are packed for delivery, the freshest and the furthest away due dates are being used to pack. Yummy Dutch guarantees to not pack products that are already overdue, or will soon be over the due date within reasonability.
  5. Every delivery date given by Yummy Dutch is a probable one. For the delivery we are dependant on the logistics of third parties like TNT and UPS. Therefore, sometimes, delivery can take up to 30 days.

Article 5: Warranties

  1. Yummy Dutch guarantees that it will not pack products that over the due date, or will soon be over the due date within reasonability. The due date writting in Dutch on the packages is written as "Tenminste houdbaar tot" or in short sometimes "T.H.T.".
  2. Yummy Dutch guarantees that it will treat, pack and wrap the products with care, so that the products will arrive in the quality and expected state as written on our Website.
Yummy Dutch does not give warranties in the following situations
  1. if a product becomes unusable, due to incorrect usage
  2. in case the products are being used for something it is not meant for
  3. when you, or a third party, have tried to make alterations to the product

Article 6: Receiving the products

  1. It is the customers responsibility to check upon receiving the package, if all ordered products are physically there, as well as to check whether the quality is to the standard as expected and agree upon, according to the description of the product on the Website.
  2. In case the contents of the package do not meet the requirements, you need to inform Yummy Dutch within 48 hours after receiving the package. You can do that at our contact form. Please, include your order and invoice number in the message, so we can trace back your order.
  3. Even though a package did not meet the agreed requirements, the customer remains responsible for accepting the package. We do not refund an order when the products do not meet the agreed requirements, because of the perishable nature of the goods.
  4. Yummy Dutch does not accept packages to be sent back by the customer. If for some reason it is highly important a package is sent back, you need to get in contact with us first through the contact form and we will given written permission to send the package back. However, it is very unlikely that we will. (In this case the shipping cost for returning the product is for the account of the customer returning the product.)

Article 7: Risks and responsibility

  1. Yummy Dutch uses TNT and UPS to deliver the products to your country. Yummy Dutch pays the transportation fees directly to TNT or UPS, as they are billed to you first, at the check out. The risk of loss or damage, as well as optional extra costs due to events that may happen after the products are delivered to TNT or UPS (the transporter), are the buyers responsibility the moment the package is handed over to the first transporter.

Article 8: Payments

  1. Payments to Yummy Dutch are made by Visa, Mastercard, IDEAL or Paypal only.
  2. When making the payment, the following details are stored in our own database: name, addres, postal code, state, country, optional VAT-ID, E-mail address. Your financial data will not be stored in our database, nor the database of the biller.
  3. You are able to specify a different delivery Adres than the billers Adres. However, keep in mind that when ordering products for someone else, you possibly force someone into paying inmport fees and VAT charges when the products cross the border of the country of delivery.
  4. An email is sent after an order has been processed.
  5. Your personal details, including your E-mail address will never be sold to third parties

Article 9: Liability

  1. In case products do not meet the agreed requirements, Yummy Dutch can only be held responsible as set out in article 5 and 6.2 and 6.3.
  2. The customer is responsible and liable for any damages that may occur, due to irresponsible behaviour or when it is clear that due to clients actions, the damages have occured.
  3. Yummy Dutch is responsible and liable for any damages that may occur, due to irresponsible behaviour from anybody working for Yummy Dutch.
  4. Yummy Dutch cannot be held responsible when Customs removes products out of your package, due to import regulations of that country. It is your own responsibility to check what is allowed to import before you order.

Article 10: Force Majeure

  1. Force Majeure are those events where things happen outside of the control of Yummy Dutch, which blocks us from providing you with the quality and service that we promise you.
  2. In some circumstances Yummy Dutch holds the right to call upon Force Majeure, when we are not able to provide you with the quality and service that we promise, due to the fact that something has happened outside of our control.

Article 11: Safeguard

  1. You will not hold Yummy Dutch liable and responsible for any third party claimns that may arise on documents or other information you have given Yummy Dutch to be able to process your order. This includes, but is not limited to Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright.
  2. Furthermore you guarantee that any and all documents you have given Yummy Dutch are virus, trojan or any other kind of malware free.

Article 12: Law and Disputes

  1. Dutch law is applicable to all Terms and Conditions. The UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is explicitely excluded and are not binding in this Agreement.
  2. In case of a dispute, the dispute shall be handled by the court of The Hague in Holland.

Article 13: Copyrights

  1. All contents, which includes but is not limited to the design, pictures, drawings and texts on this Website is copyrighted and cannot be copied or duplicated without written permission of the owners of this Website.
  2. All contents given to the customer, including, but not limited to the logo on the invoice which is sent to the customer, remains property of Yummy Dutch
  3. If a customer would like to use any of our copyrighted items, it can only be done for promotional purposes of the Website For all other situations, you must receive written permission of the owner of the website first