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Senseo, A Dutch Innovation

Monday, 21st May 2012 - Last updated on: Monday, 21st May 2012

Senseo: a Dutch innovation in coffee
The Senseo coffee machine has been a huge innovation in brewing coffee. The production idea was a joint effort between Philips and Sara Lee (the parent company of Douwe Egberts). They launced the Senseo in 2001. The product has taken Europe by storm, surpassing all expectations. The Senseo was originally introduced in Holland and by 2005 it had already been sold 10 million times throughout 9 different countries. After it got introduced in Holland, the Senseo also became available in Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, UK, USA and Australia. At first the coffee pods itself were patented by Philips and Douwe Egberts, but in 2004 a judge ruled that other coffee producers were allowed to produce the pods as well. Immediately all competetive coffee producers started making them too.

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Mothers Day

Thursday, 10th May 2012 - Last updated on: Thursday, 10th May 2012

Mothers day is coming
On mothersday we make the sun shine a little brighter for our sweet mothers who always, unconditionally, take care of us. In Holland it is a real tradition also, but of course it's not typical Dutch. The way we know Mothers day today has been invented by an American lady called Anna Jarvis, from Crafton, West Virginia. Her mother had 11 children of which 7 died, so she had a hard life. When her mother died herself, Anna Jarvis decided to honor her mother on that day from then on. That day was the 2nd Sunday of May. That's why Mothers day is always on the 2nd Sunday of May.

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Offline Groceries Shopping

Monday, 7th May 2012 - Last updated on: Monday, 7th May 2012

Offline groceries shopping
The biggest supermarket in the Netherlands, Albert Heijn, celebrates his 125th birthday this year. Albert Heijn was founded In the year 1887. In that year a man called Albert Heijn, at age 21, buys his first shop in the city Oostzaan from his dad. His motto was to supply groceries to all people, rich or poor. In 1895 he opens his second shop, this time in Purmerend. Not long after that they were baking their own cookies and burning their own coffee. With a wide range of products, it was the first real supermarket in the Netherlands! Nowadays there are 856 supermarkets, all over the country.

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