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A very long time ago in 1883 a new bakery opened its doors in a town named Geldrop, The Netherlands. This was done by a man who was named Harry Peijnenburg. Just like any other baker he was always up early to bake his products before customers would visit his store. In the year 1915 he decided to split up his company for his two sons, Johan and Harry Jr. That last one got to deal with the bread and banquet part of the company and Johan who moved to another location in Geldrop got to handle cakes and banquet. It turned out that Johan had a lot of talent in selling his products. For instance he went out on his motorcycle to sell the cakes he had made earlier that day all over the area. The company grew quickly under his command.

In the year 1933 he invented a so called suprise cake. This was a royal cake packed in a box which had a present inside. These were no big presents but because it were difficult times people were already very grateful to get anything extra. These cakes became a great success and it made sure that Peijnenburg survived these tough years. Then the factory got expanded and the very first assembly line oven was placed.

When the Second World War began Peijnenburg was able to continue producing their products because they were making cakes for the army as well. Besides that civilians were able to buy a 140 gram cake with a breadticket of 100 gram. That was a good addition to most. After the war the company was heavily mechanized and they stopped doing deliveries to homes. Their products were only available through whole sale since that time.

A lot of changes have taken place in the company since then. The structure and the line up of products have gone through big changes. But the Dutch people always kept their love for the one and only original spiced cakes that are made by Peijnenburg.

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