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Albert Heijn
The name Albert Heijn is one of the most known names in Holland, it is a supermarket chain which own a market share of more then 33% in The Netherlands. By far the biggest with over 900 stores. You will come across these stores everywhere in Holland.

In 1887 a man named Albert Heijn took over the grocery store of his dad. 8 years after that he opened a new location in the city Purmerend. Not long after they were cooking their own cookies and burning their own coffee. In 1927 the company existed for 40 years. In that relatively short period the company grew immensely. At that moment there were 107 locations. In 1952 they opened their first self service store in the city Schiedam and 4 years later in Rotterdam on the famous street De Nieuwe Binnenweg the very first supermarket of Albert Heijn opened its doors.

In 2006 they bought 22 branches of the supermarket chain Konmar. This was possible because there was a serious price war going on between the supermarkets in Holland. The supermarkets were even selling products below the suggested retail price. This lead to the downfall of Konmar and Edah.

Different Stores
Albert Heijn makes use of different store formulas. You have the normal supermarket situated in urban areas and therefor is called the Districtstore. The AH XL which is simply a very big supermarket and then there are the AH To Go stores which are small supermarkets which you will come across in places like the airport, stations and in the centre of cities.

Own Brand
Albert Heijn offers in their Districtstores also products that are from their own brand. AH, AH Excellent, AH Puur & Eerlijk and AH Basic. We have a selection of these products on Yummy Dutch as you can see below this.

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