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The brand LU has become known because they were making luxurious, chocolated cookies. Since the year 2000 that has changed when they started to produce bread replaces, breakfast products and mini crackers. The name LU comes from the starting letters of the names of a French couple called Lefèvre and Utile. In 1887 they were selling cookies under their brand name.

The makers of the LU products have been producing them in culinairy tradition for over 155 years. They select the finest ingredients to make sure nobody can doubt the taste of LU products. For instance a product named Petit Buerre. This one has the same taste now as it did in 1883. Also if you are thinking of reproducing their products, good luck because the family recipes are secret and make sure everything stays exclusive.

The only cookies in Holland back in the 18th century were waffles and oilcookies. Later on people started developing different kinds of cookies. In a French city called Nantes there was a couple that was making excellent cookies and waffles. These were not just cookies like the others, they had a more refined taste and were better looking. In 1883 they decided to expand outside of Nantes and quickly the high quality products of LU became known all over France.

The Netherlands had to wait until the year 1979 before LU appeared on the market. A year later to promote their brand more they decided to sponsor the Dutch soccer team Fortuna Sittard. Some of the products that were a successfully launched in the 80s in Holland were: het Scholiertje, Mikado en PiM?s. Other always famous biscuits of LU are called TUC and for cookies thoese are called Bastogne.

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