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Haribo Holland is part of an international organisation which has it's main office loacted in Bonn, Germany. In 1920 the company was founded there by a baker named Hans Riegel. In the year 1946 the company was taken over by his two sons. They grew the company exceptionally and nowadays tens of thousands of people work for the company. They have 18 locations where the products are produced and they are located in Europe and the US. Haribo is one of 5 biggest candy producers in the world and their products are sold in 105 different countries.

Haribo Holland
Haribo got started in The Netherlands in 1953. They launched with a slogan: "Haribo makes children happy, eldery people as well" which doesn't sound too great in English but it rimes when translated into Dutch. This slogan is still printed on the packages today. The popularity of this candy grew rapidly and the small kegs that contained this candy were popping up everywhere. You would always see them in candy stores, swimming pools and sportscanteens.

Haribo Licorice
The licorice of Haribo is one of the most sold candy in Holland. They have alot of different kinds available to the market: Trekdrop, Jo-jo's, Bico's, Krakelingen and more. Since 1925 licorice is produced by Haribo. The very first product was een licoricestick which had the Haribo logo graved inside of it. Nowadays there are a ton of different licorice flavors available, mostly because the European countries around The Netherlands have different preferences. In Scandinavia they prefer salty licorice while in Germany they prefer it sweet. In Holland they like a bit of everything. And did you know that in Belgium and countries more south of Holland they hardly eat any licorice?

Haribo Fruitgum
Bakers discovered in the 19th century that sugar was combinable with a kind of resin. This resin kind was called Gummi Arabicum. The raw resin hard to be cleaned first, then it could be cooked together with sugar. By adding fruit and aroma substances they created a substance that could serve as a candy. It gave a long lasting chew pleasure. From this the Haribo fruitgums originate.

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