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In the year 1890 is when the history of Venz begins. A man named Hendrik de Vries opens a wholesale in chocolate and confectionary. Four years later in 1894, his 2nd son named Gerard is born. The name Venz is born then too, Vries and Sons translates to Vries EN Zonen in Dutch.

As soon as Gerard reaches the age of 15, he starts to work with his dad. He is mainly occupied with the production process. Things are going well for the company and in 1928 they already have 4 locations where the products are produced. They then decided they wanted everything under one roof. In 1930 the factory was opened in this city of Vaassen. In the factory they are only producing confectionary such as lollipops and tablets. A couple of years later they also started to make chocolate bars, pralines and such made. Since 1936 Venz produces chocolate sprinkles and nobody knows how they came to this idea, but what is known is that Venz was the first company in The Netherlands who made this.

Gerard spent alot of time in those days to create the perfect chocolate sprinkle, which of course is made out of pure chocolte. He wanted shiny spinkles and eventually he did it. The problem then was how to produce this in big cuantities? Machines that could make chocolate sprinkles didn?t exist. He decided to invent te machines by himself.

The customers of Venz really liked the chocolate sprinkles and this makes it a great success. The demand for chocolate increases big time after the 2nd world war. The machines in the Venz factory can?t handle the demand anymore. New machines were bought. They are making alot more profit with selling chocolate products then with the confectionary products. In the 1960s they stopped producing the confectionary products.

Now we are 121 years further since the company started and Venz grew to become the biggest chocolate spinkles producer of Holland.

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