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The Mysterious Hunebedden From Drenthe...

Wednesday, 25th March 2015 - Last updated on: Wednesday, 25th March 2015


If you are visiting the Dutch province of Drenthe, it is very likely that you will come across one or more Hunebedden.
Hunebedden are heaps of giant stones, always placed in a typical form, and one of the Netherlands’ most interesting tourist attractions.
By now we have discovered many things about them, but even more still remains a mystery.

The largest of these Hunebedden can be found in Borger.
Hunebedden are the oldest monuments in the Netherlands. They were built approximately 5000 years ago.
Hunebedden are made from giant boulders that travelled to what is now known as the Netherlands in the ice age. This was around 100.000 years ago. These boulders were only found in the northern provinces of the Netherlands.
Hunebedden were built to serve as tombs for the deceased.
But how were they built? Some people, like pastor Johan Picardt from Coevorden, believed that they could only have been built by giants, or ‘Huynen’.  

But it is more likely that they were built the way the second illustration displays.
First the giant, and heavy boulders needed to be transported to the burial site. This was probably done by sledges in snow, or otherwise by placing them on several tree trunks, and roll them.
They think, that to move a boulder of 20 k, a total of 30 strong men, and oxen were needed to move it.

Some people even think that extra-terrestrials were involved building these giant constructions.
But what do you believe? The only way you’ll know for sure, is by paying them a visit by yourself.
Drenthe is one of the most beautiful provinces of the Netherlands, with lots of nature to be admired, and even an open air museum named ‘Ellert & Brammert’  (Schoonoord), where you’ll be able to see how the people used to live in Drenthe many centuries ago, and learn about the legend of Ellert & Brammert.

(sources: & 'Zorg voor de doden; Verleden Land'. Illustrations above: Kelvin Wilson )


Tags: hunebed, hunebedden, Drenthe, history, wistjedat, Nederland, geschiedenis, bezienswaardigheid, attraction

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