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A Delicious Peanut Sauce For Chicken Sate, Fries Or Even With Cauliflower

Thursday, 13th January 2011 - Last updated on: Thursday, 16th June 2011

For our first recipe / blog post on our Yummy Dutch blog we are actually cheating immediately! Because originally peanut sauce isn't typically Dutch! Peanut sauce as we know it in Holland is a product from Indonesia. As some of you may know, Indonesia used to be a Dutch colony and many of their food products made their way to Holland throughout history. The Dutch are known to quickly adapt and soon enough real Indonesian products were adopted into the Dutch cuisine. By far the most well-known meal with peanut sauce is the chicken or pork saté with peanut sauce. But nowadays you can order it with your fries in the local snackbar and a lot of people eat it as an additional sauce with their meal. A good example is cauliflower; some people eat it with a cheese sauce, but often Dutchies eat it with their own peanut sauce as well!!

The original Indonesian peanut sauce is a bit different than the one that is used/made by Dutchies nowadays, as the original one is a bit lighter of color and truely tastes like peanuts.

We offer a great easy-to-use peanut sauce powder in our shop, as well as a cup of peanut sauce. Both are extremely easy to use. You just mix the powder or the contents of the cup with the desired amount of water, you slowly heat it up in the pan (do not let it cook!) and you have a great tasting peanut sauce. Conimex is really good for that ;).

However, with this blog post we would like to introduce to you a more Dutch way of making a delicious peanut sauce, also made with some products from our shop.

To serve for 2 people with their chicken saté.


How to prepare:

First you add the peanut butter in a pan and add a little bit of water. The goal is to make a smooth, not too thick sauce, so it's best to start off with little water, mixing it with a whisk and adding more as you go until it becomes a nice smooth sauce. If you are happy with the result, you can start adding the ingredients. Add the boemboem saté, the djahé, sambal oelek, pinch of salt and ginger sirup and mix all to a smooth blend. Then press the garlic, put it into the sauce and add some ketjap manis.

It says 5 table spoons ketjap manis in the recipe, but you can add / remove as you please. Ketjap Manis is a sweet soya sauce, so adding more will make it sweeter and darker. In Holland the peanut sauces are often fairly dark. If you don't have sweet soya sauce available, then you can also use the salty one (regular soya sauce) and you can make it sweet again by adding honey or brown sugar.This you can eat with your chicken saté or with fries, cauliflower or whatever, it tastes almost good on everything, even on baguette and especially with BBQ's!

We also offer a recipe for great chicken saté here!

Tags: peanut sauce, peanut butter, conimex, djahe, boemboem sate

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Andreane Brassard wrote on Monday, 12th September 2011:

I tried this recipe at home and it was delicious! I did it with chicken and I want to try it with cauliflower next time. It tastes even better than in thai restaurants! D
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