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No Bake Bokkenpootjes - Vanilla Cake!

Monday, 24th October 2016 - Last updated on: Monday, 24th October 2016

No bake, super easy BOKKENPOOTJES - vanilla cake!

October, the end of the year is slowly approaching, and we’ve replaced our outdoor activities for indoor ones. One of our favorite pastimes during the colder months of the year is baking and making yummy things to go with our tea and coffee while the rain comes down, days are short and we stick our feet in warm and fuzzy socks.
Dutch blogster invented an awesome and easy BOKKENPOOTJES CAKE, and making it doesn’t even require an oven!


You need: ​

Put baking paper on the bottom of a spring cake tin.
Put both the milk and Kloppudding in a bowl, and mix for 1 minute (electrical, medium), so it thickens nicely. When the pudding is solid, put it in the refrigerator.
Put the whipped cream, vanilla sugar and Klopfix in a bowl, and mix until you have very solid whipped cream. But not for too long, or you’ll end up making butter. ;-)
Gently whisk the pudding and whipped cream together. When done, put it in the refrigerator again.
Now cut the Bokkenpootjes in half. (Horizontal) Use them to cover the bottom of the cake tin.
Cover the layer of Bokkenpootjes with half of your pudding/whipped cream, then put another layer of Bokkenpootjes on top of the pudding.
Now put the other half of the pudding on top of the Bokkenpootjes. Crush the remaining Bokkenpootjes, and use those to cover the top. Your Bokkenpootjestaart needs to rest in the fridge for at least two hours before serving.

Serving suggestion: you can also mix a little eggnog through the pudding/cream for the grown-ups!

Super easy and quick!

(Recipe and pictures courtesy of

Tags: bokkenpootjes, cake, taart, pie, koek, cookies, eten, food, lekker, recept, recipe, Dutch, Hollands, Nederlands, vanilla, vanille, bake, baking, autumn, fall, herfst, makkelijk, simpel

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Helena Jizz wrote on Wednesday, 3rd May 2017:

its good
Helena Jizz UNION AL wrote on Wednesday, 3rd May 2017:

its good
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