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Venco is the most famous licorice brand of The Netherlands. Everybody in Holland knows it. With a very big selection of different kinds of liquorice: sweet, salty, salmiak, soft or tough. Venco will have a kind of licorice you will like. They reach a top of awareness of 65% in all of the households in The Netherlands.

The company was started in the year 1878 in Amsterdam by a man named Gerrit van Voorveld. His company was called Van Voorveld & Co or in a short version Venco. The steam factory was located on the Spuistraat which is a known street in Amsterdam en in these days they were producing: cough drops also called jujubes, licorice and peppermint. The factory moved to the Singel when they decided to build a new post office at the location of the factory. In the year 1891 a flu epidemic broke out in Holland. The cough drops were sold in big cuantities and therefor the factory grew bigger. In 1899 the company was bought by the brothers Dieperink en 5 years after that they moved again to the Lindengracht. In these days mainly anise tablets, gomballen and peppermint were sold.

60 years later in the year 1959 the factory moved to a place named Naarden. And 5 years after that the stocks of Venco were bought by a company named Red Band. Until 1977 Venco stayed an independent brand, since then it was part of the Verenigde Dropfabrieken VDF which was then taken over by the Centrale Suiker Maatschappij (Central Sugar Company) in 1986. Today Venco is a brand part of Leaf International BV that also holds brands such as Sportlife and Red Band.

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