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Yeh Tea Double Luck Organic White Tea

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Yeh Tea Double Luck Organic White Tea

Price: € 7.98
Gross weight: 30 grams
Net weight: 15 grams

New on Yummy Dutch: the exquisite collection of organic tea from Yeh Tea Food Couture Amsterdam. The luxury tea blends personally blend and mixed in Amsterdam.The tea comes from the best tea plantations in China and India. A perfect gift idea!

This white tea with long leaves and mandarin bits is refined gentle and fresh. Mandarins in China stand for luck, and because it retains a high percentage of antioxidants, this tea will bring prosperity! White tea is made up of immature tea leaves, picked just before the buds get opened fully. The health benefits of white tea make it one of the most sought after drinks today.  The taste of this tea is surprisingly fresh, with a right balance of sweet and sour notes.
Preparation Instructions
Use 2.5 grams (2 teaspoons) for a 300ml cup and 5 grams (4 teaspoons) for a 600ml pot. Add water at 80 Degrees Ceslsius and steep for 8-15 minutes. Good for 7-8-cups.

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