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Dutch Delicacy: Bossche Bollen

Friday, 1st January 2016 - Last updated on: Friday, 1st January 2016
Bossche Bollen
Bossche Bollen are a kind of pastry that was originally invented in Den Bosch, or: ‘s Hertogenbosch, a city in the south of the Netherlands.
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December 5th, "Pakjesavond"!

Thursday, 26th November 2015 - Last updated on: Wednesday, 2nd December 2015

It's almost Sinterklaas!

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A Delicious Dutch Autumn Treat: Anijskrollen! (aniseed Rolls)

Thursday, 22nd October 2015 - Last updated on: Saturday, 24th October 2015

Chances are, you've never heard of them, even if you live, or have lived, in the Netherlands: Anijskrollen!
Anijskrollen are whitebread rolls with aniseed, braided into a knot by hand, and a popular regional product in the east of Brabant, one of the southern Dutch provinces.

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Tony's Chocolonely - A Fresh Dutch Brand With A Mission!

Sunday, 17th May 2015 - Last updated on: Wednesday, 27th May 2015
Tony’s Chocolonely
Recently we have added various new products to the webshop.
Among them are several delicious Fair Trade chocolate bars from Tony’s Chocolonely.
Tony&rsquo... Read entire article »

The Mysterious Hunebedden From Drenthe...

Wednesday, 25th March 2015 - Last updated on: Wednesday, 25th March 2015

If you are visiting the Dutch province of Drenthe, it is very likely that you will come across one or more Hunebedden.
Hunebedden are heaps of giant... Read entire article »

Delicious Dutch Appelflappen!

Thursday, 26th February 2015 - Last updated on: Friday, 10th April 2015

Appelflappen are a popular substitute for a biscuit or cookie to go with your coffee or tea.
You’ll often see them being served at birthdays as... Read entire article »

Dutch Carnaval And Brabantse Worstenbroodjes (Dutch Carnival And Sausage Rolls From Brabant)

Saturday, 24th January 2015 - Last updated on: Thursday, 29th January 2015

Carnaval is mainly celebrated in the southern provinces Brabant and Limburg, because it is there where most Catholics used to live and Carnaval finds its origin.  

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Serious Request: A Dutch Phenomenon - And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thursday, 8th January 2015 - Last updated on: Friday, 9th January 2015

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Christmas In The Netherlands

Tuesday, 16th December 2014 - Last updated on: Tuesday, 16th December 2014
The celebration of Christmas in the Netherlands. The day after Sinterklaas’s departure ‘back to Spain’ on December 6th, most Dutch people go buy and/or set their Christmas tree... Read entire article »

December 5th, Sinterklaasavond (the Night Of Saint Nicholas).

Thursday, 4th December 2014 - Last updated on: Thursday, 4th December 2014
And a recipe for 'kruidnoten'!

It’s almost December 5th, the evening that every Dutch child goes to bed with butterflies in their stomach in... Read entire article »